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What are the points for attention in the installat

Flume floating rust, mildew spots, these problems are caused by welding debris, cement, oil pollution and other residues on the surface of the flume when installing the flume. Leakage is caused by unsealed or uneven gap size at the connection between the flume and the surface, and unsealed holes in the upper and lower water pipes. This series of problems can be avoided when installing the flume. It's free. This edition will give you tips, together to understand what matters needing attention in the installation of sinks and kitchen sink material which is good.

What are the points for attention in the installation of flume?

1. Installation sequence. After determining the size of the countertop opening ok, first install the faucet, soap liquor and sewer on the carton or platform according to their respective instructions, and then cover the fittings with the well-opened countertop. This installation will be much more convenient. If the sink is first installed and then the faucet is installed, it will be very inconvenient. Then;

2. The procedure of water test after installation can not be saved. The method of water test is as follows: after the drainage fittings are installed, open the sewer sealing device, raise the final drainage hose to the height of the basin mouth, and then fill the tank with water, let the drainage pipe be filled with water, and let it stand for three or five minutes to check whether there is leakage in each ring.

3. For new houses, especially those not completely repaired, good protection measures must be taken after the installation of the sink. The water stains in the sink should be cleaned up, the tap should be wrapped up with the original packing bag, and the sink should be covered with the original packing cartons and plastic bags and protected with signs, so as to reduce some unnecessary. The loss.