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Bathroom washbasin dirty, how to wash, wash basin

Bathroom basin dirty how to clean

1. Ceramic basin using oil stains and dirt for a long time is easy to accumulate, you can use sliced lemon, wash the surface of the basin under the sassafras, wait a minute and then rinse with clean water, you can become bright. If the stain is more stubborn, the glass bottle of safe bleaching water, pour into the wash about 20 minutes, then wash with a towel or sponge, and then wash with clean water.

2, the silica gel or glass glue at the interface between the basin and the table will become moldy and darkening for a long time. At this time, only use putty knife and artistic knife to remove, clean and dry on high-quality silica gel, buy that kind of kitchen special anti-enzyme silica gel is better.

3. It is recommended to use pure cotton cloth, neutral detergent and glass cleaning water to clean the glass table basin, so as to maintain a lasting bright as new.

4. Stainless steel tables and basins can be clean as new only if they are wiped with clean water or detergent. Remember not to wipe the surface of the basin with scouring cloth, sand powder or stainless steel ball to keep the surface smooth.

5, the glass should be more careful care, avoid pouring water into the glass basin. Glass wall-mounted iron brackets are easy to be damp. In addition to the brackets with superior quality, once there are "floating embroidery" and "mildew spots", toothpaste and rust-free water can be used to clean them.