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How do you do four tips to dredge shower heads in
When you are enjoying the shower, the shower head does not come out of water. After checking, it is found that the shower head is blocked. What should we do then? After a long time, the shower head is blocked because of poor water quality and other reasons. This is a normal phenomenon. When we encounter the blocked shower head at home, what should we do? Wait, let's try these small methods below.
How do you do four tips to dredge shower heads in the shower?
Method 1. Vinegar immersion.
Flower sprinkler is blocked, the most commonly used method is to soak in vinegar, we need to prepare some vinegar, take down the shower head, soak in vinegar, flower sprinkler can be immersed in appropriate. After ten minutes of soaking vinegar, you can easily remove the scale. Is it very simple? Why soak in vinegar? This is because vinegar contains acidic substances, which can dissolve scale.
Method two. Lubricants
In fact, the shower head was blocked, not only because of scales, but also because of rust caused by the water. If metal rusting causes serious blockage of shower head, then we might as well use rust-removing and rust-proof lubricant to solve the shower head problem. The special rust removal lubricant has very good affinity and permeability with metal, which can separate rust layer from metal layer without destroying the original properties of metal. This method is aimed at rusting the head of shower heads.
Method three. Towel wipe.
When the shower lasts for a long time, you will find a layer of white substance on the surface of the shower head, which may be the reason why the shower head is blocked. When encountering this kind of problem, we must not take it lightly. First of all, we must start from prevention. After shower, wipe the outlet of shower head with towel, so as not to accumulate scale. For the shower head of rubber material, we can rub it by hand. In fact, in general, how to solve the problem of plugging the shower head is still a good solution.
Method four.
The main reason for the shower is that the impurities inside can not come out, so we can help it manually. If the shower head is only partially blocked, let the water out first to see which holes are blocked, then look at the holes that can not be drained, and use the needle to puncture the remaining impurities in the holes until there is no impurities in the holes, and this method is very simple. Of course, you can also use toothpicks instead of needles, as long as you can remove impurities, sprinklers do not block anything.
Warm reminder, if your home sprinkler has been used for a certain period of time, it is better to establish and replace a new sprinkler, because the use of a long time will also be very harmful to the body.