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Kitchen quartz stone table maintenance tips

Kitchen is the "heart" of a family. Whether your kitchen is clean or not directly affects your cooking mood. If you cook in a good mood, your cooking will become particularly sweet.

Whether the kitchen is clean or not largely comes from the countertop. A clean and well-managed countertop can add a lot of points to the kitchen. To have a good mood all the time and make delicious meals every day, you need not only a good table, but also know how to maintain and maintain it, so that the table is in a healthy state at any time!

Use notes

In daily use, the use of thermal insulation pad, thermal insulation three feet can better protect the surface of the table.

Do not put high-temperature containers and hot pots on the table directly or for a long time, especially on the edge, which can easily lead to cracks, cracks and even breaks (hot pots, hot pots or other utensils taken directly from the stove, steaming oven, oven, microwave oven will cause damage to the table).

In daily use, if there is water stains on the table, wipe them off with a rag in time, and keep the table dry as dry as possible.

Do not let the mesa soak or accumulate water for a long time (especially at the edge of the sink), any mesa will have a certain water absorption rate, long time soaking or accumulated water, easy to cause cracks and fractures on the mesa.

Avoid scratching from external forces, for example, do not cut meat directly on the table, if you need to cut meat, you can first lay a thick cloth, then place the cutting board; clean the table can not be wiped with wire balls or mechanical impact such as knives, drills; and can not directly tread on quartz stone table (because the kitchen table after the opening treatment, tread on the table is very easy to tread on the table). Cause damage).

Avoid corrosive chemicals touching the table. Cleaner containing bleaching agent, corrosive agent, rosin oil, high alkalinity, xylene, toluene, potassium hydroxide, caustic sodium, dichloromethane, trichloroethane and any other chemicals can not clean quartzite countertops. Example: discoloration wet cloth, etc. (inferior dyes contain acid / basic dyes).

Matters needing attention in maintenance

Remove stains

In the daily use of countertops, it is unavoidable to become dirty and messy due to oil stains, coffee stains, wine, vinegar, sugar, salt and other pollution. In these cases, just use warm water with soap water or neutral detergent to wipe; in case of stubborn stains can be removed with cleaning cloth.

Remove ink stains

The quartz stone table surface is stained with ink, can be cleaned with wet cloth and erased with rubber, if there are still traces, then mixed with detergent powder and water at the ratio of 1:0.5 (the detergent is sticky and has certain friction). The prepared detergent is soaked on the table for about 5 minutes, and then washed with a small brush. Finally, wash with water.

Dispel rust

Because of the large number of metal cookers in the kitchen, water stains and rust are unavoidable on the table. To deal with these rust stains, the surface stains can be scrubbed with wet cloth, and then soaked in toothpaste, white vinegar or 84 disinfectant for about 10 minutes, then scrubbed with cloth, the stains can be easily removed.

Maintenance and maintenance of quartz stone countertops, not only let the kitchen add color, but also let you have a good mood when cooking, but also let the kitchen countertops bright as new, durable!